Dare To Be Beautiful...

Meet Canadian supermodel Chantelle Whitney Brown professionally known as Winnie Harlow. The 25 year old lady has a skin disease called Vitiligo, a disease that causes the loss of skin colour in blotches. This disease occurs when the pigment producing cells die or stop functioning.
Growing up wasn't really easy for Winnie as she was always picked on, bullied and called all sorts of bad names like cow, zebra and other depraving adjectives. Sometimes they even got physical with her. This affected her emotionally and psycologically, she even thought of taking her own life.
Discovered by Tyra Banks and featured on America's next top model, Winnie was eliminated in the second week but not long after was flying high in the modelling industry.
Winnie stands as a motivation to all scarred girls out there, be proud of the things you can't change, love yourself for it and don't be ashamed to show your scars. You can never be mocked by people who do more than you, only by those who d…


Bikes and tricycles have been banned in the mega city of Lagos...Yay!!!. I think the right exclamation is...What?!!!.
Its during times like this I sit down and begin to critically evaluate the government and their ability to make smart and competent decisions. When I first heard and validated the news, it cut me to the quick and my first thought was "What were these people thinking?" and then "Were they even thinking?". To be sincere with you, I honestly doubt that they were in charge of the right faculties when they decided to make a considerable number of Lagosians frustrated and hungry for an unknown period of time.
I don't work in the bureau of statistics but I can boldly tell you that at the very least, about 400,000 Lagosians depend on bikes and tricycles to keep clothes on their backs and food on the table. 65% of that number are youths who couldn't find gainful and sustainable employment, courtsey of the government.
Why they would do this is beyond me,…


Its been a while, we hardly talk these days and I'm stuck here wondering if you miss me at all.   You hardly call and we dont spend time together anymore, your excuse is that you're always busy. My friends keep sending me pictures of you partying in a club with some chick with excess make-up and indian girl's hair.     I miss the days when we lie together in our bed and laugh and cry and talk and call each other different kinds of crazy. I miss the days when I used to be your number one.     Now you're straying and my heart js breaking, I try to ignore the lipstick stains on your shirts, I try to ignore the scent of female perfume on you, the traces of hair and packs of condoms we don't use hiding in your suitcase.    You're on one of your business trips with your secretary that has the hots for you and those trips always extend the given date. At least I have what she can never have- your ring on my finger. I really miss you and i want us back.



I'm usually very blunt with topics like this because its honestly the best way to get my point across, so expect a few colorful words along the way, okay?👌👌
Sex, also known as fucking, banging, home run, humping is a purely animalistic act meant to give intense pleasure to its participants...or so I'm told. But basically for reproduction.
But I'm not here to teach you about sex, I want to discuss the basic " rules and regulations" surrounding the act in countries like Nigeria.
The rules are basically not the same for both genders here. The girls are expected to keep their bodies for their future husbands, not having ANY knowledge about the act until their wedding night. But the guys, hell no, its a completely different ball game!!!.They are expected to have compound knowledge on every erogenous zone in the body of a woman, failure to have this knowledge, failure to be able to "break" your girl's waist in the bedroom results in you not been a man, so …


The Catholic church is one of the biggest religious organisations in the world. It is spearheaded by the Pope- He also happens to be the most influential personality in the world (c'mon, only the Pope can walk into a war torn region and come out unscathed). But the Catholic church has quite a few flaws and no one's talking about it.

The first issue I think should be corrected in the Catholic church is Celibacy. The Catholic church demands celibacy from its priests and nuns and also forbids them to be married. Advocates see celibacy as "a special gift of God by which sacred ministers can more easily remain close to Christ with an individual heart and can dedicate themselves to the service of God and their neighbor". I am strongly of the opinion that this is wrong because in Genesis 1:28, God encourages EVERY man to go into the world and have children. Now, I know a lot of Catholics who would  stick to their guns and tell me how wrong I am but they are yet to show me…


We are not new to the excesses of the US president, Donald Trump. First his annoyingly racist comments in regards to Africans and Asians, apparently we're nothing but shithole to him and the most irritating aspect of it is that he's not sorry. Then there's the fact that he's morally bankrupt, judging from his many strippers and then lets not forget the immigration crisis when a whole lot of people left their war torn home countries, risked life and limb to get to the United States seeking asylum and Donald Trump's first reaction was to separate parents from their children without reason. And please don't get me started on his crazy tweets!!!😬😬😬😬🙄🙄

A little about the man?
Donald John Trump, born 14th june 1940. He was born in a Jamaican hospital in Queens, New york and was raised there also. Trump was a TV personality and ran his family 's real estate business and also expanded it into other ventures before becoming a politician. He also has a Bachelo…


Its no longer news that the famous and award-winning novel, Americanah is to become a movie. A little about the book, shall we?
Americanah is an amazing novel written by eccentric, talented and feminist writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and it tells the story of two lovebirds- Ifemelu and Obinze -and their struggle through time and tide. Miss Chimamanda also has two mind blowing and page turning award winners to her credit- Purple Hibiscus and Half of a yellow Sun.
Now that we have that out of our way, let's move forward.
Nigerians were nothing short of delighted to hear that a favorite of theirs is about to become a movie but there's a twist to it. The female main character, Ifemelu, is to be acted by Kenyan Lupita Nyogo'o.
Now i have absolutely nothing against Lupita, she's a great actress. My problem basically lies with Chimamanda, who has greatly insulted all Nigerian actresses.
This is a decorated insult especially to the Igbo-speaking actresses in Nigeria because in cho…